Thanksgiving Camping Trip 2002


Each year a hardy group of mule skinners meet in Texas to camp & trail ride for four days with their mules and share a great Thanksgiving feast with good friends.  Prerequisites for the weekend include good campfires, good mules, good dogs, good food and good friends.  We've never been wanting for any of these things nor a great many things for which to be thankful. 

Thought you'd enjoy seeing some photos thanks to Diann Walker.


Jim , Bob , Cheryl , Pat, Diann, Betty, Skip get breakfast started

Pat, Betty, Cheryl & Tex enjoy a few snacks after a ride.


Betty, Pat & Skip

Tex, Cheryl & Merlin



Jim carves the fried turkey.  Each year we've fried the best thanksgiving turkey we've ever had.  Each family brings a covered dish and we couldn't ask for a more bountiful spread!

Diann & Bob Walker





Bubba didn't like the camp games, though!