We believe, if trained properly, saddle mules from performance jacks and performance mares can be used in all disciplines as horses.  Our mules are started in snaffle bits for at least three years working up to the curb bit as their training progresses and they mature both physically and mentally.  We do not believe in  "mule" bits or "mule" saddles.Our mules are shod according to the discipline in which they compete and we do not use "mule" shoes.

Brayer Hill mules were all imprinted at birth.  We believe this establishes a life long willingness in the mule to cooperate and a mind set for trainability.

While, they cannot compete in breed shows with horses, they can be competitive in open horse shows in Western, English, Reining, and Driving.  Their riders can be competitive in Showmanship and Horsemanship.


Even our donkey has competed in Driving against horses in Antique Vehicle classes and placing above horses.

Mule shows which are run according to a standardized rule system are increasing in number providing a legitimate arena for saddle mule competition.

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