Jim & Sue love to trail ride.

brayer Hill Farm is involved in the breeding for and showing of quality saddle mules. Owners Jim and Sue King-Joling are committed to the promotion of the saddle mule as the equine of choice for trail riding, showing, ranch work and family activities. Convinced that mules have been the subject of "bad press", Jim and Sue founded Brayer Hill Farm in conformation and performance mules to present to the public. The farm moved to Boyd, Texas in 1989.

In 1992, Sue started
The SADDLE MULE NEWS, a magazine devoted to the mules used under saddle and in light harness. The magazine reflects the growing professionalism in the mule industry and the increasing numbers of saddle mules being sought for pleasure riding and as     exceptional trail and show animals. Jim, a retired executive in the telecommunications field, trail rides and shows his mule Brayer Hill Bubba.

In 1994, with a group of generous Charter Members who shared, not only their financial  support, but also Sue's vision of a mule organization which would establish standards for  showing the saddle mule and recognize members' achievements in competition and trail  riding, Sue helped found the North American Saddle Mule Association.  She became the  first executive secretary for the charter of NASMA
, serving during the inception of the association with the first two presidents of NASMA, Greg Sefton and Bill Duncan.  For five years, the office of The SADDLE MULE NEWS  provided  the initial executive office space for the new national saddle mule association.   At the second NASMA executive meeting in 1995 at Shelbyville, TN, the executive committee awarded Sue a beautiful Montana Silversmith buckle reading "Founder of NASMA".  Sue  will always treasure that buckle, but knows it must be shared with the most noted mule people in the country who helped charter NASMA.


Sue served again as Executive Secretary for NASMA from 2005 to 2008.  The Association presented her with their Lifetime Achievement Award for 2007.  In 2009, after the second tenure of Secretary was up, she was elected to and serves on their Board of Directors while chairing the Rules Committee and Promotion Committee.


Participating in AQHA events with her American Quarter Horse, Sue enjoys a partnership with her horse "Dumpy" in Trail, Reining, Horsemanship, Western Riding and other Western events.


Jim is retired from the telecommunications industry. He enjoys trail riding in the Rockies every summer and entertaining grandchildren.   He has also served on various NASMA committees.

Each year, Brayer Hill Farm offers for sale a few select saddle mule babies out of Walking and Quarter Horse mares. These babies are imprinted at birth and carefully paired with owners based on temperament and intended use. Each owner receives videos of the foal's birth and training milestones.

The philosophy of Brayer Hill Farm and Jim and Sue includes the belief that mules bred from quality mares and jacks are the best saddle equine one can have. When bred from quality donkeys and mares, their conformation and attractiveness is comparable to horses. When raised and trained properly, their temperaments are generous. Mules are unquestionably superior trail mounts with their surefootedness and donkey intelligence and sense. Mules are fast proving they are competitive
shows and competitions. But, most important, mules share a very special bond with their owners, one of mutual respect and cooperation rather than dominance. For this reason, mules endear themselves to a very special kind of owner and rider.

Brayer Hill Farm also believes that the time has come for the old stereotypes of the "stubborn" mule to end. It is now time for the mule to overcome the image of a work animal and move into the twenty-first century as a leisure and companion equine under saddle and in light harness.

The mules are just as comfortable in the show ring.
Sue shows her Quarter Horse in Amateur Trail, Reining, Western Riding, Horsemanship and Showmanship.


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