We thought you might enjoy seeing one of our parties here at Brayer Hill Farm. We planned a Halloween scavenger hunt on mule, donkey or horseback. There were sixty stops for riders and thirty stops for leadline animals. The course was set over 30 acres. Participants had to brave the Haunted Forest, the Graveyard, the Mad Longhorn Steer, Vampires, Werewolves, ghost, goblins and giant spiders in the trees. After everyone returned, they had great BBQ while they relaxed on the deck and watched the rest of riders finish the course. Tex Low and her mule "Dracmula" won the animal costume contest and Joyce Gypsy Stewart and Chi Chi Baby won the people costume contest. Jim and Bubba came as Henry the VIII and his faithful steed. Sue came as her alter ego and Zorro donned his Howard Stern costume. We had a blast!

dracmula & Tex Low

best costume